Reflections on Psalms 41-45

Which psalm or verse especially reflects your heart today?  Use those words to talk to the Lord.

  • Desire – In Psalm 42 & 43, the psalmist pants and thirsts for God (42:1-2). He wants to go to the temple and praise the Lord with God’s people (42:3-4, 43:3-4).  Because he can’t go, he is downcast, yet he hopes in God that he will again go and praise the Lord (42:5, 11, 43:5).  Do you have this longing desire for God?  This intense desire to gather and worship?  Ask God to help you grow in these desires.
  • Help – Psalm 44 recounts God’s past help before crying out to God for help in the present. How has God helped you in the past?  How do you need him to help you today?
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Classic Quote

OldBooksMost men hope to go to heaven when they die; but few, it may be feared, take the trouble to consider whether they would enjoy heaven if they got there.

– J. C. Ryle

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Psalms 41-50: Coming Together into God’s Presence

(42-43) With what attitude should we come together into God’s presence according to 42:1-4 & 43:3-4?

Why is our attitude important as we come together?  What affect will it have on our gathering?  On ourselves?

With what attitude do you come to church?

(50) What do you learn about God in v1-6?  How should that affect the way we come together into His presence?

Why wasn’t God pleased with the way Israel came before Him in v7-23?  How might we come in similar ways today?

How should we come instead?

How do you come?  In what ways might you need to change your approach?

(48) What two things does the Psalmist say they do as they come together into God’s presence in v9-11?

In what ways do we do these same two things as we come together?

(47) How might this psalm help us to praise the Lord as we come together?  For what can we praise Him?

(41-50) Which verse(s) or psalm especially speaks to you, and why?

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Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

They Know My Voice – Matt Rogers (GCD)
The subtle danger of the unrelenting noise in our lives is that we may miss the voice of God.

Do You Think You’re the Exception? – Jon Bloom (DG)
Behind every willful sin, every conscious act of disobedience to God, is a presumption that what God, or his rightful authority (whether government, school, employer, or parent), says is best for the masses around us need not apply to us.

Every Click Counts: What You Should Know About the Internet – David Mathis (DG)
Every click is a kind of vote. Every time you click, you say, in effect, I want this — and more of this.

Church Member! Fight to Attend Your Church Weekly! – Geoffrey R. Kirkland
Attend the sweet times of fellowship where you remember the gospel, feast upon Christ, receive conviction by the Spirit, and edification from God’s people. Prioritize it!

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day worshiping our Lord with your local church!

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mercyrevealedThere is no calm like the calm Christ brings when He speaks peace to your storm-tossed soul.

– Gerald M. Bilkes in Mercy Revealed

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Sermon Songs: Mark 4:35-41


See Jesus on the storm-tossed sea
As the boat begins to fill
Hear Jesus – sleeping and weary
Wake up and say – “Peace, be still”
The wind and waves quickly obey
Behold His amazing power
So in your storms trust Him today
He’ll be with you ev’ry hour
Tell me the story of Jesus
Write on my heart ev’ry word
Tell me the story most precious
That I might live what I’ve heard

(Some words by Fanny Crosby, to the tune of “Tell Me the Story of Jesus”)

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vineripened…our very identity is as those loved by God….  We are to love as those who have been loved, are loved, and will always be loved.

– Stanley D. Gale in A Vine-Ripened Life

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Reflections from Psalms 36-40

Which psalm or verse especially reflects your heart today?  Use those words to talk to the Lord.

  • God’s love – Psalm 36 speaks of God’s great love. By his love we take refuge in him.  His love provides us with food to eat and numerous delights to enjoy.  He gives us life itself.  How has he shown his love to you?
  • Look to the Lord – Many of today’s psalms remind us that life is often rough, but we can trust the Lord and wait on him. Life is also short, but we hope in the Lord.  For what do you need to look to the Lord today?
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Five Minute Devotions

Here are some good thoughts from Donald Whitney:

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Current Collection

Here are three recent posts related to religious liberty:

Washington Florist Loses Discrimination Case – Bonnie Pritchett (World)

Submit to the New Sexual Orthodoxy or Risk Losing Everything – Denny Burk

Will Trump Defend Religious Liberty Against the LGBT Agenda? – Joe Carter (TGC)

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