Reflections on I Kings 8-10

Solomon dedicates the temple for the Lord.  Note:

  • The Glory of the Lord – After Solomon moves the ark into the temple, the glory of the Lord fills the temple – just as it filled the tabernacle earlier. Yet the temple can’t contain God, for God is greater.  Ponder the glory of the Lord and praise him!
  • Prayer – Solomon prays that God would hear the peoples’ prayers and forgive their sins that the people of the earth would know that the Lord is the one true God. What do you need to pray about?  What sins do you need to confess?  Are you seeking to spread the name of the Lord?
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Here are some recent posts related to religious freedom:

The FAQs: Supreme Court Delivers Religious Liberty Victory to Hospitals – Joe Carter (TGC)

Two U.S. Senators Apply an Anti-Christian Religious Test for Government Officials – Joe Carter (TGC)

East Lansing Farmer’s Market: Isn’t There a Better Way? – Kevin DeYoung

Christian Reflections on Ontario Bill 89 – Steven West (TGC-Canada)

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Classic Hymn

More love to Thee, O Christ, more love to Thee!
Hear Thou the prayer I make on bended knee.
This is my earnest plea: More love, O Christ, to Thee;
More love to Thee, more love to Thee!

Once earthly joy I craved, sought peace and rest;
Now Thee alone I seek, give what is best.
This all my prayer shall be: More love, O Christ to Thee;
More love to Thee, more love to Thee!

Let sorrow do its work, come grief or pain;
Sweet are Thy messengers, sweet their refrain,
When they can sing with me: More love, O Christ, to Thee;
More love to Thee, more love to Thee!

Then shall my latest breath whisper Thy praise;
This be the parting cry my heart shall raise;
This still its prayer shall be: More love, O Christ to Thee;
More love to Thee, more love to Thee!

– Elizabeth Payson Prentiss

Same author as the Classic Quote earlier this week.  May this hymn and the quote be reflected in our hearts and prayers!

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Revelation Quote


The more we become like Christ, the more we can expect persecution.  The world can admire goodness, but it cannot stand godliness.

– Joel Beeke on Revelation 2:8-11 in Revelation

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Reflections on I Kings 6-7

Solomon builds the temple for the Lord.  Note:

  • God’s Presence – God chooses to dwell in the temple Solomon built (6:13). He chooses to dwell among the people of Israel.  Today the church is God’s temple, and he dwells among us.  What a privilege we have!  What a responsibility!
  • Obedience – Part of that responsibility is to walk in the ways of the Lord and obey his commands (6:12). Are you taking that responsibility seriously?
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Classic Quote

OldBooksTo love Christ more is the deepest need, the constant cry of my soul….  Out in the woods and on my bed and out driving, when I am happy and busy, and when I am sad and idle, the whisper keeps going up for more love, more love, more love!

– Elizabeth Payson Prentiss

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I Kings 6-10: The Temple

(6-7) The Picture: How would you describe the temple building and its furnishings?  What is it supposed to convey about God?

(6, 9) The Promise: What promise does God make to Solomon regarding the temple in 6:11-13 and 9:4-9?  How do we see this play out in later history?

(8) The Presence: What happens after the ark is brought into the temple (v10-11)?  What does this tell us about God?

Where does God dwell according to v13, 27, & 30?  What twin truths does this tell us about God?  How should we respond?

(8) The Prayer: What is the repeated request in Solomon’s prayer (v28-53)?

What does this prayer tell us about our nature and our need?

Describe the interplay between God and people as it relates to our hearts (v39-40, 57-58, 61).  How should we respond?

(8) The Purpose: What is one important purpose of the temple (v43, 60)?  How well did Israel fulfill this purpose?  How well do we?

(6, 8) The Preview: How does 8:19 point forward to Jesus and a greater temple (see Ephesians 2:19-22)?

How do 6:11-22 preview a final temple in Revelation 21?

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Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

What We Need Most – Kevin DeYoung
I’m convinced that more evangelism, more prayer, more fruitfulness, more holiness will flow from the fountain of our lives only when we start drinking more deeply of Christ.

70 Prompts for Praising God – Lianna (Of Larks)
Praise Him with me through this list of 70 prompts…

The King Is Within Earshot – Tim Challies
If you would simply consider how much God loves that other person, you would never speak ill of him.

The Weight of the Church – Nicholas Batzig
…the church is far weightier than any job or school in this world. It is the place of God’s promised spiritual blessing.

Hope you have a great week worshiping our great Lord with your local church!

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Reflections on I Kings 3-5

Solomon asks for wisdom and prepares to build the temple.

  • Love the Lord – Solomon loves the Lord and walks in the ways of the Lord like David did (3:3). How is your love for the Lord?  How does your love motivate your obedience?
  • Wisdom – God offers to give Solomon whatever he wants. Solomon chooses wisdom.  What would you choose?  What does that say about your heart?
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Reflections on I Kings 1-2

David makes Solomon the next king and charges him to be faithful to God.

  • Exalting Oneself – Adonijah exalted himself as the next king only to be humbled when David made Solomon king. Later Adonijah tried a new scheme to exalt himself as king, and it cost him his life.  Are you seeking to exalt yourself?  Will you humble yourself before the Lord and let him exalt you in his own way and time (James 4:10)?
  • Faithful to God – David charges Solomon to faithfully follow the ways of the Lord with all of his heart and soul (2:1-4). Are you faithfully following the ways of the Lord?  Does your heart desire to be faithful?  In what ways are you tempted to be unfaithful?
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