SingWe are a singing people because the gospel of the Lord Jesus compels us to sing….  God’s love for us inspires our response of love for Him and calls forth songs of joy from our lips.

– Keith and Kristyn Getty in Sing!

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Sermon Songs: Revelation 13


See the Beast rise from the waters, With Satan’s authority
Wars against the saints to conquer, Active throughout history
One day will rule, Over the earth
Dear Christian, beware the Beast

The devil throughout the ages, Bids our rulers rule his way
Play the Beast – the battle rages, For our leaders we must pray
Be vigilant, Fully alert
Dear Christian, beware the Beast

See the Beast full of blasphemy, Mimic Christ and seek His crown
Claim worship as a deity, To him we must not bow down
Our God only, Must we worship
Dear Christian, beware the Beast

To the tune of “Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending”

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The Battle

YouCanChangeThe battle is made up of thousands of little moments – choices between self and service.

– Tim Chester in You Can Change

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Reflection on Isaiah 4-6

A glorious day is coming, but first judgment is coming for sin.  Isaiah is called to serve.

  • Woe to the Wicked – Isaiah pronounces judgment for those who call good evil and evil good (5:20). In what ways does our world confuse evil and good?  Isaiah sees his own wickedness and cries out his own woe upon himself as he stands before a holy God (6:5).  Through sacrifice (note the altar in 6:6), God cleanses him.  Before a holy God, we too stand guilty.  To whom do you look for forgiveness?
  • Call – God called Isaiah to proclaim his Word (6:8). What work has God called you to do?  Are you doing it faithfully?  If you are unsure how God wants you to serve, seek his direction.
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Q&A#5: Loving and Holy

Q: What is the moral character of God?
A: The moral character of God consists of his perfect love and holiness together, displayed in his mercy, grace, patience, faithfulness, righteousness, justice, and wrath.

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.
– I John 4:7-8

But as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct.
I Peter 1:15

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Rubbing and Smoothing

YouCanChangeGod is using the different people, the contrasting personalities, in your church to change your heart. He’s using the difficult people, the annoying people, the sinful people. He’s placed you together so you can rub off each other’s rough edges…. Remember the next time someone is rubbing you the wrong way that God is smoothing you down!

– Tim Chester in You Can Change

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Reflections on Isaiah 1-3

Isaiah warns of coming judgment because of Judah’s sin, yet notes a coming day of blessing.

  • Repent – God condemns Judah for their sin: their insincere religious activities, their idols, and their haughty pride. Are you guilty of any of these sins?  He calls Judah to repent and return to the Lord.  If they will repent, God will forgive (1:18).  If they refuse, they will be judged.  For what sins do you need to repent?  Do it!  And then rejoice in God’s forgiveness!
  • Mountain of the Lord – Isaiah foretells the day when all the nations will serve the Lord, and peace shall reign over all the earth (2:1-4). How does this certain hope encourage you today?
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Isaiah 1-6: Of God and Men

(1, 3, 5) What is God’s diagnosis of Israel in 1:2-15?

What further sins does God point out?
1:21-23 –
3: 9, 11, 13-17 –
5:8-12, 18-23 –

What does God call Israel to do, and what would be the results (1:16-18)?

What would happen if they refused?
1:20 –
3:1-8, 5:5-6 –
3:18-26, 5:13-14, 5:24-30 –

(1-5) What names and attributes are given to God in 1:4, 1:24, 2:10, 5:16?  What overall picture of God are we given?

(2) What will God do with human pride in v9-22?

When are we tempted toward pride?

When are we tempted to regard men instead of God (v22)?

From the text, what do you think is the antidote?

(6) In chapters 1-5 we see God’s greatness, man’s sin, man humbled, man called to repent, and the results if they will repent.  How do you see these same themes in 6:1-7?

How does v6-7 point forward to Jesus?

What task is Isaiah given, and what success will he have in v8-13?  What might we learn from these verses?

(2, 4) What pictures of our future hope are given in 2:1-5, and 4:2-6?

How might we respond today to this future hope?

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Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

Spurgeon’s 15 Tips for a Deep and Effective Prayer Life – Kevin Halloran
Spurgeon knew the power of prayer and his need for prayer. When asked the secret of his influential preaching ministry, Charles Spurgeon frequently responded, “My people pray for me.”

4 Grave Dangers in Every Sin – Tim Challies
You can’t sin without consequence. That’s not the way God has structured his world. It’s not the way God has structured his people.

Begin to Hope Again – Scott Hubbard (DG)
We may still be a sorrowful people — burdened, broken, and beaten up — but we will not be a cynical people. We are a people of hope.

The Congregation and the Pulpit – Phil Newton
The congregation is not simply a static audience. They participate in what takes place in the pulpit. Maturing congregations help their pastors to faithfully deliver this means of grace to the church in preaching God’s Word.

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day with your local church!

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HabitsHolinessThe intent of a daily devotional time is to gather regularly and intimately with God.

– Philip Nation in Habits for Our Holiness


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