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Only when we view all things, including our tribulations (chapter 6), from the aspect of the throne, shall we gain a true insight into history.

– William Hendriksen on Revelation 4 in More Than Conquerors

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Reflections on Ecclesiastes 10-12

The writer continues to share wisdom, finally coming to his conclusion.

  • Remember your Creator – We are to remember our Creator (12:1). We ought to enjoy the good days that God gives us, and live in the reverent fear of God who will judge us (11:9).  If we begin this in our youth, it will help us later when days are tough.  Are you living each day remembering your Creator?  In what ways?
  • Fear God and keep his commands – What is life all about? Apart from God, all is vanity (12:8).  The conclusion is to fear God and keep his commands (12:13).  Live your life in reference to God.  In what ways are you doing this?  This is the path of wisdom and satisfaction.
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Revelation Quote


All heavenly beings find their significance in their placement around the throne, and all the earth’s inhabitants are judged on the basis of their attitude to God’s claim to rule over them from this throne.

– G.K. Beale on Revelation 4 in Revelation: A Shorter Commentary

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Ministry Collection

Here are some good posts for pastors:

6 Marks of a Faithful Ministry – Tim Challies

12 Pastoral Commitments (Or, How to Pray for Your Pastor) – Kevin DeYoung

48 Scattered Thoughts about Pastoral Ministry and Being a Pastor – Scott Slayton

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Revelation Quote


The word must is important. The concern of this book is not with things which simply will happen, as though the future were of absorbing interest in itself.  It is rather taken up with things which must happen, the outworking of the divine will.  God is in supreme control.  John is not writing about matters of chance, but about events which will certainly occur, for they are part of the divine plan.

– Leon Morris on Revelation 4:1 in The Revelation of St. John (TNTC)

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Reflections on Ecclesiastes 7-9

The writer compares wisdom and folly.

  • Listening – It is good to hear the rebuke of the wise (7:5). Yet we should not take to heart all that people say of us (7:21-22).  When has a rebuke been helpful to you?  What has a criticism hurt you?  What is the difference between the two?  How do you need to apply these verses today?
  • Sin – God created us upright, but we have left wisdom to chase after many schemes (7:29). There are none who always do good and never sin (7:20).  How do you see these truths in your life?  Are you daily looking to Jesus for forgiveness?
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Classic Quote

OldBooksThe Bible is alive, it speaks to me;
it has feet, it runs after me;
it has hands, it lays hold of me.

– Martin Luther

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Ecclesiastes 7-12: Life’s Limitations and Purpose

(7, 9, 12) What is the first limitation that we find recurring in verses: 9:2-5, 9:10, 12:1-7?

Why then is it better to go to a house of mourning than a house of feasting (7:2)?  Why is this so important?

How does our culture try to hide this limitation, and what are the results?

(7-12) Based on this first limitation, how then should we live?

8:15, 9:7-9, 11:8-9 –

7:14, 11:8 –

7:11-12, 10:2, 10:12, 11:9, 12:11 –

How do you need to apply these principles to your life?

(7-8, 10-11) What is the second limitation that we find recurring in verses: 7:23-24, 8:16-17, 10:14, 11:5?

(7, 9) What is the third limitation that we find recurring in verses: 7:20, 7:29, 9:3?

What do these verses teach us about creation, and the extent of the Fall?

(7-8, 12) How then should we live according to Ecclesiastes (7:18, 8:12-13, 12:13)?

How might the truth in 12:14 encourage us to live this way?

How might recognizing our limitations help us to live this way?

How does this duty, mixed with the truth of the third limitation, call us to seek One who is greater than Solomon (Matthew 12:42)?

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Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

Can I Sing ‘Amazing Grace’ If I Was Saved at Six? – John Piper (DG)
There are six reasons that Christians like me can feel the greatness of our sinfulness, and the wonder of grace, even if we have no recollection of ever being an unbeliever….

Envision the End of Your Sin – Garrett Kell (TGC)
Gracious Lord, we need help. Make us sober-minded. Keep us vigilant. Help us see the end of our sin.

Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of My Diving Accident – Joni Eareckson Tada (TGC)
Grace softens the edges of past pains, helping to highlight the eternal. What you are left with is peace that’s profound, joy that’s unshakable, faith that’s ironclad.

7 Reasons God Commands Us To Sing To Him – Mark Altrogge (TBC)
Our God is so great, and so good and so glorious, he’s worthy of all of our praise. And one of the easiest ways to praise him is by singing. Let’s “sing the glory of his name!”

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day with your local church singing praises to our gracious and glorious God!

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Reflections on Ecclesiastes 4-6

The writer continues his discussion of vanity and calls us to fear God.

  • Fear God – Fearing God means we come before him to listen to him, rather than to make rash promises that we will not keep. Do you come into his presence on Sundays to listen?  Are you prone to make rash promises?
  • God’s gift of enjoyment – Again the writer reminds us that enjoyment of what God gives us comes from God (5:18-20). What are some reasons people might not enjoy what they have?  Are any of these reasons true in your life?  In what ways has God given you the ability to enjoy what you have?
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