Disappointment at Church

It happens all the time.  People become disappointed in their church and leave.  Maybe they were offended by someone.  Maybe they didn’t feel like anyone cared.  Maybe an important crisis or milestone in their life was missed.  Any number of reasons can cause disappointment in church.

Yet the local church is the context God created for us to grow in our walk with the Lord.  We were saved individually to be part of a community – the body of Christ.  Leaving a church in most situations neither helps the person leaving or the church.  And those who walk away from church altogether do terrible harm to their walk with Christ.  Again, God did not save us to be lone ranger Christians – he saved us into the body of Christ.

How can the church address these disappointments?  What can pastors do?  What can the disappointed do?  Kevin DeYoung gives some great thoughts on this in a three part blog.  Part 1 is an introduction.  Part 2 is addressed to pastors.  Part 3 is addressed to the disappointed.  By reading and applying these ideas, our churches could become much stronger and more united.  May God grant this in each of our churches.

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One Response to Disappointment at Church

  1. steveliscum says:

    You are so right, leaving the church does no one any real good, the church or the person leaving. As imperfect people we all make mistakes, overlook things, and don’t take things as serious as maybe we should. We need to realize this the next time we get made & upset at someone. As well we need to realize that 99% of the time we are disappointed in a person or a couple of people not the entire church in general. The Christ-like thing to do would to address the issue with that person as shown in the Bible. Thanks for suggesting those other post I am going to check them out.

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