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Here are some good posts for the weekend to challenge you to grow in your walk with the Lord:

First, Ray Ortland quotes Simone Weil with the reminder that worship is inevitable – the only question is whether we will worship God or an idol.  If we want to worship God, Kevin DeYoung provides us with 20 Biblical ways to glorify God

Second, Stephen Altrogge reminds us that we should seek to live in such a way that others can imitate us, and that we should seek others that we can imitate.  While we follow Christ, it is helpful for us to see what that means fleshed out in one another.

Third, there are a number of posts related to spiritual disciplines worth looking at.  Chris Brauns invites us to the habit of true confession to one another toward the end of reconciliation (the comic alone is worth looking at).  Then Stephen Altrogge asks four people about godly habits they have cultivated.  There are some interesting ones to consider.  Here are the links to this four part series:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.  What is a godly habit that has helped form you that you might share with us?  Comments are open.


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