Be Still Before God

Then Moses went up on the mountain, and the cloud covered the mountain.  The glory of the Lord dwelt on Mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days. And on the seventh day he called to Moses out of the midst of the cloud.
– Exodus 24:15-16

Moses goes up on the mountain. 
For six days he is surrounded by God’s glory. 
No instructions.  No commands.  No activities. 
Just dwelling in God’s presence.

How much we need this!
To slow down.  Stop rushing.
Just rest in God’s presence.

Each morning is an opportunity.
To commune with God.
To be still before him.
In awe of his glory.

Yet too often I let the activities of the day crowd in.
My focus is lost in a gigantic to-do-list.
My communion is interupted by an array of projects.
And I need to push them back.
There will be time enough for those things later.
I need to first rest in his presence.

I suspect Moses needed 6 days to just sit in awe.
Before he knew the plan, he needed to know the Planner.
I suspect the same is true for us.

But I’m in a hurry.
I have lots to do.
I don’t want to wait.
I can’t imagine six days!
I want to get busy for God now.

But no – first be still in his presence.
Know him.  Know his glory.  Sit in awe.
Then we will be ready to hear him speak.
Then we will be ready to listen.
Then we will be ready to obey.
But first we must be still before him.

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1 Response to Be Still Before God

  1. ashley says:

    This reminds me of Mary and Martha. How Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and Martha ( I think with good intentions) stayed busy and got caught up in serving. Mary chose what was needful….spiritual nourishmet. To be still before God …just realizing who He is and that He is in control. With all our worries and out “to do” lists it a calmng and peaceful thing to sit before God and be still. But yet for some reason this is a hard thing to do.

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