Prayer – A Matter of Love

We have been considering the importance of prayer the last few weeks.  As we conclude, I want to briefly think about how prayer relates to love.  Or put another way, how does prayer relate to this blog’s theme of three passions?

Christ’s Passion For Us

It is because of Christ’s love that took him to the cross that we can pray at all.  We were separated from God because of our sin.  But now through Christ’s death we are reconciled to God.  Through the cross we can come boldly before the throne of grace.  And it is not just Christ’s love that makes prayer possible.  The Holy Spirit must apply the work of Christ to our lives, making us God’s children who call out to God as Father.  This application too is an act of love.  And then the Father loves us enough to hear our prayers.  He actually cares about what we say.  It is the love of the Triune God that makes prayer possible.

Passion for God

If we love someone, we will communicate with them.  In the same way, if we love God, we will pray.  We will want to spend time with him.  We will want to bring him our praises as well as our cares.  Our love for God can in many ways be measured by our prayer life. 

Compassion for People

If we love people, we will pray for them.  The biggest need people have is God.  God is the solution to every problem.  If that is so, then bringing people before God in prayer is one of the most loving things we can do for them.  If we love people, we will want to pray with them too.  What can be greater than getting together with friends that we love to commune with the God that we love?

Three Passions

Which brings me to my final thought:  Praying together ties all three strands of the three passions together.  We lovingly come together to lovingly approach a loving Father through the work of a loving Son and the application of the loving Spirit.  Me, you, and God communing in love.  What an incredible opportunity!

Prayer is a matter of love.  How is your prayer life?  How is your love?


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