Passion Points – Habits

This week, I want to share some good posts about what I call Passion Habits.  Passion habits are those things we do because of our passion for God and compassion for people.  These are habits ideally motivated by Christ’s passion for us.  Passion habits are traditionally called spiritual disciplines.  They might be habits we do individually or corporately or both.  So here are some good thoughts about some of these habits:

Scripture – J. C. Ryle points to the necessity of being often in the Word.

Prayer – Trevin Wax shares what the Romanian church has taught him about corporate prayer.  We can learn much from their example.

Worship – Kevin DeYoung shares why his church worships the way they do.

Service – Jon Bloom encourages us to serve in the shadow God places you.

Evangelism – Mark Altrogge considers ways to influence people toward Christ.

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day worshipping the Lord with your local church.




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