Dwelling Place

…you have made the Lord your dwelling place….
– Psalm 91:9

Psalm 91 calls us to make the Lord our dwelling place, to abide in the shadow of the Almighty.  We can draw near and dwell with God.  We can abide in his presence. 

What a wonderful place to dwell!

Not only can we make God our dwelling place, but he has made us his dwelling place.  In I Corinthians 6:19-20, we are reminded that our bodies are God’s temples.  God’s Spirit dwells in us.  He is always with us.

God’s Spirit dwells in us, and we can dwell in him.  Indeed it is because God has drawn near to us, that we can draw near to him.  What an incredible opportunity!  Throughout each day, God is with us, and we can turn to him as our refuge in each trial.  We can praise him for each blessing he showers upon us.  We can commune with him each moment.  We can walk with him each hour.  We can draw near at any time.  We can draw near all of the time.

Father, open my eyes to your presence with me today.  Let me draw near and abide with you.  As you have made me your dwelling place, may I dwell in you today.  Amen.


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