While We Wait

In Luke 21, Jesus tells us about the coming destruction of Jerusalem (which happened in AD 70) and his coming again (sometime yet in the future).  Several responses flow for us while we wait for his return:

Do not be led astray (v8).  People will claim to be the Christ.  They will claim to know when Christ is coming back.  We see this today.  Don’t go after them.  Don’t be led astray.

Do not be afraid (v9).  There will be wars, famines, earthquakes, and all kinds of disasters.  We see these things today.  But the world is not spinning out of control.  We don’t have to fear because God has a plan.  These things must happen, but Christ is coming back.  We may see rough times, but paradise is on the horizon.  Don’t fear.

Bear witness (v13).  Christians will be arrested, persecuted, hated, even killed.  We see this around the world today.  But this will provide opportunities to bear witness.  We must continue to tell others about Jesus.

Remember our hope (v18-19).  Though persecuted and even killed, not a hair on our heads will be harmed and we will gain our lives.  My interpretation is that Jesus is pointing to our resurrection bodies.  Things may get rough here, but remember your hope of the resurrection.

Endure (v19).  Persevere.  Press on.  Stand firm.  Be patient in affliction.  Be steadfast in your faith.  Don’t give up.  Don’t turn away.  Don’t lose your faith.  Endure through the trials looking toward the reward.

Believe (v20-24).  Jesus predicted the destruction of Jerusalem, and it happened just as he said it would.  This is a faith-booster for us.  If his first prophecy came true, we have every reason to believe that his second prophecy will come true too.  We can believe that Christ is coming back just as he said he would.

Rejoice in your hope (v28).  When we see the signs of his coming, Jesus tells us to “straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”  We don’t need to freak out like the rest of the world.  Rather we should rejoice – Christ is coming soon!

Be alert (v34-36).  Don’t let your heart be weighed down with sin our worries.  Don’t lose sight of your hope!  Stay awake.  Pray!  Keep looking to Christ.  One day we will stand before him.  Stay alert!

Jesus is coming soon!  Let’s live each day in light of his coming.


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