Humility and Absolute Truth

Today when Christians hold to the absolute truth of the Bible, they are often accused of pride. How arrogant for us to hold that our views based on the Bible are better than others!  And if the Bible was merely a human book, it may in fact be pride for us to hold that our views based on the Bible are better than others. 

But what if the Bible is in fact God’s Word?  And what if God is our Creator and the King over the whole world?  Then everything changes.  When we hold to the truth of the Bible, we are submitting to God’s view.  We are holding that God’s view is better than all others, including views we might otherwise hold.  We are humbly acknowledging that God is greater than us.  Suddenly it is no longer those who hold to the Bible who are proud.  Rather it is those who hold to their own view as opposed to God’s view.  If the Bible is God’s Word, then humility is to hold to the Bible as absolute truth, while preferring our own views is the height of arrogant pride.


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  1. Lance Lawshe says:

    God is and should be our standard we live by. Thanks for sharing.

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