Seven Marks of Humility

In case you haven’t noticed, the focus around here lately has been humility.  I read two books on humility and spent three weeks recently preaching on the topic, so the idea is in my head (and I hope working into my life).  It is an area I want to grow in.  Next week we will be taking a break to refocus on the Christ’s death and resurrection.  But before we do, I want to point you to a post by Paul Tautges who shares seven marks of humility from Philippians 2:1-11.  Actually this passage might be a good way to start thinking about Christ’s death and resurrection too.  His seven marks are:

  1. Humility begins in the mind.
  2. Humility is a conscious choice of the will.
  3. Humility is an attitude of the heart.
  4. Humility lowers oneself, while at the same time entrusts the possibility of any future exaltation to God.
  5. Humility’s earthly end is death.
  6. Humility accepts the likelihood of earthly shame.
  7. Humility’s heavenly end is exaltation.

The first three remind us that humility is directly related to what we believe, desire, and do.  Head, heart, and hand.  The final four bring us back to the idea of humbling ourselves and leaving it to God to exalt us. 

For a further description of each point, I encourage you to check out his post.


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