Passion Points

Here are some good posts focusing on specific sins which undoubtedly tempt many of us:

Do You Take Irritibility Seriously? – Phil Ryken (via Crossway)
A helpful exploration of a common sin.  One quote:  We should take our irritability much more seriously, because it is the very opposite of love.

The Lost Sin of Envy
How Envy Behaves
What Envy Wants
This is a challenging three part series by Tim Challies.  One quote:  When you are proud you compare yourself with another person and there are only two possible outcomes: If you believe you come out on top, you feel even more pride; if you believe you come out on the bottom, you feel envy. Envy comes when Pride is wounded.

Pride and Humility – Tim Challies
It appears I’m not the only one focusing on pride and humility.  Challies surveys the definitions of pride and humility from Mack, Mahaney, and several others, and then gives a helpful summary.

Finally, let me share a quote from John Piper in A God Entranced Vision of All Things:
The power of sin comes from its promise of pleasure and is meant to be defeated by the superior promise of pleasure in God.

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day with God’s people enjoying the superior pleasure found in our Lord!


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