Book Look: A Holy Ambition

A Holy Ambition is a collection of sermons by John Piper (and one article by David Mathis) on the topic of missions.  After a sermon and the article introducing missions, the book is divided into three parts: a Biblical theology of gospel-centered missions, the mandate of world missions, and the costs and blessings of mission.  It closes with a final sermon, plus two appendices: one arguing against prosperity preaching and the other declaring 14 driving convictions behind missions. 

Overall the book was challenging.  I’m sure different sermons will hit hard on different people, but I was especially challenged by three.  The first sermon which introduced the book calls us to a holy ambition to reach those who have never heard.  The sixth sermon was based on John 10:16 and ended with four reasons we can do missions confidently.  And the tenth sermon calls us to be willing to suffer to accomplish the mission. 

Recommended to fuel your desire for missions whether God calls you to go or simply grow in prayer and giving.


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