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In Acts 2:22-42, Peter moves from preaching about the Spirit to preaching about the work of Jesus and calls for a response.  He focuses on four aspects of the work of Jesus:

  • His Life (v22) – Peter especially considers his miracles as evidence that Jesus was sent by God.  If Jesus was sent from God, we had better pay attention.
  • His Death (v23) – The Jewish leaders and Roman officials were guilty of killing Jesus.  At the same time, God planned for Jesus to die to bring about forgiveness of sins (v38).  If God planned this, we ought to pay attention.
  • His Resurrection (v24-32) – God raised Jesus from the dead.  Psalm 16 predicted that the coming Messiah would rise.  And the apostles are witnesses of his resurrection.  If God raised Jesus from the dead, then again: we need to pay attention to him.
  • His Ascension (v33-35) – Jesus ascended into heaven.  He sent the Holy Spirit upon his people.  And he is now exalted at the right hand of God as Lord as was predicted in Psalm 110.  If Jesus is reigning, we need to pay attention to him.

The work of Jesus is not just trivia; we need to pay attention.  The work of Jesus points to Jesus as Lord and Messiah (v36), and calls for a response:

  • We must believe.  Though not stated, it is clearly implied.  The people would not be cut to the heart, repent, or be baptized if they didn’t believe Jesus is and did what Peter has just preached.
  • We must repent (v37-38).  We should be cut to the heart over our sin, and turn from our sin to Jesus.  The results are forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
  • We must be baptized (v38, 41).  The rest of the New Testament makes clear that this is not a requirement for salvation, and yet it is tied closely to it.  Saved people get baptized, publicly identifying themselves with Jesus.
  • We must be connected to a local church (v41-42).  The new believers were immediately added to the church and devoted themselves to the ministries of the church.  So should we.

May we pay attention to the work of Jesus and respond appropriately!


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