Know Me Better

In Charles Dickens’ The Christmas Carol, Scrooge wakes up to the coming of the Ghost of Christmas Present.  He peaks out of his bed curtains to see a large jolly man with a never-ending chuckle and an incredible feast of food.  The Ghost calls out to Scrooge, “Come in, and know me better, man!”

I believe this is a wonderful picture of God.  God is big and full of joy, and his blessings surround him.  And he calls to us, “Come, and know me better!”


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One Response to Know Me Better

  1. Jo Ann says:

    ….I am so grateful for God’s joy and blessings!.It woud seem , the sadder I am about conditions in this present world, that, true joy and peace is from Him and Him only! We would indeed perish if we did not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you , Brian for guiding us to focus on our wonderful heavenly Father! and His beneifits. With this in mind, may I be found faithful to share the joy of His fellowship with others!

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