Best Books of the Year

I have collected several lists of the best books of the year from around the web.  There are lots of good books to consider reading!  If you don’t feel like wading through the lists, here are the top two choices.  Three lists included these two books:

Several books had mention on two lists; I’ll let you discover them:

Top Ten Books of 2012 – Kevin DeYoung

TGC Staff Cite Best Books from 2012 – Gospel Coalition

My Ten Favorite Reads of 2012 – Trevin Wax

Top 12 Books of 2012 – Tony Reinke at Desiring God

My Top Books of 2012 – Tim Challies

Best of 2012 – Andreas Kostenberger

Crossway also compiled some top book recommendations from their staff and some of their authors.  These lists are broader than 2012 reads.


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