Growing in Generosity

We see the generosity of the early church in Acts 4:32-37.  People were selling what they had and giving it to the church to meet the needs of their fellow Christians.  Our churches too should be marked by generosity.  How might we grow in this area?  Four suggestions:

  • Look for opportunities.  Each Sunday after church, ask yourself some questions:  What needs did I see or hear about today.  How might I respond with generosity this week?
  • Remember that generosity takes many forms.  You might generously give of your money as the early church was doing.  You can also generously let others borrow items that you have.  You might also generously give of your time.
  • Do what you can.  If you become aware of a need for $100, but you can only give $20, give what you can.  Even the little you can give will be an encouragement.  And God may be leading several others to give small amounts that will add up to meet the entire need.
  • Follow the Lord’s leading.  If God impresses upon your heart that you should meet a need, do it.  You can’t do everything, and God doesn’t expect you to do everything.  But when God moves your heart to give, do it.

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