Prayer Warrior-February

Starting this month, I am creating a prayer insert for my church with suggested requests for our church, prayer quotes, a prayer from the Bible, and a prayer from history.  I thought I’d share them here on my blog too.  Quotes and prayers will come later, but here are some suggested prayers for you to pray for your church in February.  May we grow to be prayer warriors!

Praying for your Church

  • Revival in your church, a passion/hunger for God
  • Worship – Heart worship, Joyful singing, Cheerful giving, Passionate prayer, Powerful preaching, Appropriate response
  • Grow in your fear of God – leading to obedience
  • Grow in your integrity and honesty
  • Prayer – Growing priority and passion for prayer, Prayer Services
  • Word – Sunday School, Children ministries, Youth ministries
  • Fellowship – Growing care/love/unity, Growing generosity toward one another, Fellowship activities
  • Growing passion for evangelism and missions
  • Opportunities and boldness to share the gospel
  • Grow in your witness > share gospel, pray for gospel to go forth, be filled with the Spirit, lives of generosity and integrity (that attract people to the gospel)
  • Growing willingness to take risks for gospel
  • People to be saved in your spheres of influence
  • Guests to come to your Worship Service and the Spirit to work in their lives
  • Missionaries: walk with God, evangelism opportunities, growing maturity

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