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Here is a collection of articles from the past few months related to the current administration’s attempt to force businesses and non-profits to pay for abortion-inducing contraceptives as part of their insurance package.  The last link is a good summary of where we are at.

11/17/12 – Tyndale House Wins Mandate Court Battle – Mickey McClean (World)

11/18/12 – Court Sides with Bible Publisher Challenging Abortion Pill Mandate – Joe Carter (Gospel Coalition)

11/21/12 – Who is Hobby Lobby? – Denny Burk

12/20/12 – Wheaton College Wins Partitial Victory in Religious Liberty Lawsuit – Joe Carter (Gospel Coalition)

12/28/12 – Does Anyone Care What Happens to Hobby Lobby? – Denny Burk

1/7/13 – Courts Issue Contradictory Rulings as Contraceptive Mandate Fines Begin – Melissa Steffan (Christianity Today)

1/8/13 – Why You Should Care About the Hobby Lobby Case – And Be Alarmed – Kevin DeYoung

1/8/13 – Pastor Rick Warren Releases Statement on Hobby Lobby Morning-After Pill Lawsuit – Deseret News

2/1/13 – Obama Administration Tweaks Rules on Contraceptive Coverage – Ted Olsen and Melissa Steffan (Christianity Today)

2/3/13 – The FAQs: Changes to the HHS Contraceptive-Abortifacient Mandate – Joe Carter (Gospel Coalition)


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