Prayer Warrior – April

Praying for your Church:

  • Revival in our church, a passion/hunger for God
  • Hearts in awe of God’s glory and amazed by God’s love
  • Growing disciples, increasing maturity
  • Full of the Spirit, wisdom, and faith
  • Full of the Word and prayer
  • Point to Jesus, not ourselves
  • Devout: fearing God, giving generously, praying continually
  • Faithful to the Lord with steadfast purpose
  • Trust in God’s sovereign plan for our lives
  • Fellowship – Growing care/love/unity, Growing generosity
  • Growing passion for evangelism and missions
  • Opportunities and boldness to share the gospel
  • God’s willing instruments to point others to Jesus
  • Great many people added to the Lord this year
  • Guests to come to our Worship Service and the Spirit to draw them to Himself
  • Church-wide evangelistic opportunities
  • Missionaries: walk with God, opportunities, health, safety

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Follower of Christ, Husband, Dad, and Pastor
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