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With the Supreme Court hearing two cases last week about same-sex marriage, this issue continues to be huge.  As Christians, we need to think carefully about this issue.  Happily, a lot of good thinking and writing is being done.  Here are some posts for your consideration:

Marriage in the Dock – Albert Mohler
This is a helpful introduction to the Supreme Court and same -sex marriage.
For Christians, the issue of marriage is not merely a legal or constitutional issue. The Bible reveals marriage to be the sacred union of a man and a woman for a lifetime. The goods of marriage are revealed to be intimacy, union, companionship, friendship, procreation, children, and a host of related gifts. Christians must see marriage as essential for human flourishing and not open for human negotiation.

Why the Arguments for Gay Marriage Are Persuasive – Kevin DeYoung
A very helpful look at the issues behind the issue.
I don’t think the arguments for gay marriage are biblically faithfully, logically persuasive, or good for human flourishing in the long run, but they are almost impossible to overcome with most Americans, especially in younger generations….it fits in perfectly with the dominant themes and narratives shared in our culture. Gay marriage is the logical conclusion to a long argument, which means convincing people it’s a bad idea requires overturning some of our most cherished values and most powerful ideologies….

A Few Things to Consider Before Supporting Gay Marriage – Kevin DeYoung
By recognizing gay unions as marriage, just like the husband-wife relationship we’ve always called marriage, the state is engaging in (or at least codifying) a massive re-engineering of our social life. It assumes the indistinguishability of gender in parenting, the relative unimportance of procreation in marriage, and the near infinite flexibility as to what sorts of structures and habits lead to human flourishing.

Read the Fine Print Before Supporting “Marriage Equality” – Trevin Wax
As the Supreme Court considers the merits of adopting or banning same-sex marriage, many politicians are voicing their support for changing the law.  But just as smart shoppers know to look beyond an advertisement to read the fine print, Americans should look beyond the surface issues to the surprising details no one is discussing….

Bracketing Morality – Albert Mohler
The “seismic shift” on the issue of homosexuality is a profound moral revolution as well. And yet, what makes this moral revolution so vast in consequences and importance is this: the moral dimension has virtually disappeared from the cultural conversation….

Five Gay Marriage Myths – Robin Phillips at Salvo
Not sure if I agree with everything here, but there are some good points to consider.
The issue of same-sex marriage is often framed in terms of a choice between either preventing or allowing gay people to get married. When the issue is framed in these terms, that is usually a good indication that the person has fallen victim to another key myth. The reality is that legislation to introduce gay marriage would not remove a ban on same-sex couples getting married because no such ban exists. There is no more of a ban on same-sex couples getting married then there is a ban on two-wheeled unicycles or square triangles. The very nature of what marriage is necessarily excludes same-sex unions.


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