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My goal on Fridays is to focus on missions.  I might highlight a missions group, book, quote, or a collection of posts.

SGAToday I want to focus on Slavic Gospel Association (SGA).  Eric Mock, one of their guest speakers, came to my church a few weeks ago.  We were very impressed with the ministry.

SGA has been assisting the church in the former Soviet Union countries since 1934.  During the years of communism, SGA covertly distributed millions of Bibles and Christian books under the Iron Curtain into the hands of believers throughout the Soviet Union, while producing and broadcasting thousands of Christian radio programs over the Iron Curtain.

SGA’s founder Peter Deyneka traveled the globe holding prayer meetings, often overnight, encouraging the Lord’s people to pray for the opening of the Soviet Union for the preaching of the Gospel. His motto became, “Much prayer, much power. Little prayer, little power. No prayer, no power!

Today, SGA assists the church in the former Soviet Union countries in many ways.  They sponsor national pastor/missionary/church-planters.  They help to support several Bible institutes and seminaries to train new leaders.  They have help to support numerous children’s ministries including Orphans Reborn, Immanuel’s Child, and Summer Camp.  They help to equip youth for ministry.  They help translate good Christian books.

They have many resources to communicate to the American church what God is doing in the former Soviet Union countries including a monthly update and prayer guide.

MyMissionAdventureOne free resource every church should check out is called My Mission Adventure, two 5-week missions studies for children.  With DVDs, a leader’s guide, activity sheets, and more, it teaches the children about Russia and about how they can be part of reaching people for Christ right where they are.  Children also have the opportunity to learn songs in Russian.  My church took our children through the first study and the kids loved it.  We plan to do the next one soon.

Since taking a trip to the Ukraine 15 years ago, I have always had a heart for the people there.  I am excited to begin supporting SGA as they help our brothers and sisters in Christ in the former Soviet Union countries.  Their website is here.  Check it out – maybe God would lead you invite them to your church or help support the ministry in some way.


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  1. seattleduck says:

    Do you know if Brother Andrew’s ministry connected with SGA?I I forget the name of his ministry, but he wrote a book ‘God’s Smuggler’ about how he delivered Bibles & Christian literature to Soviet Union & eastern Europe andlater to China.

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