Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

Sloth – Mike Wittmer
I’ve spoken of sloth because I suspect it lies at the root of many people’s crisis of faith. More people shrug away their faith than are argued out of it.

What He Could Have Been – Tim Challies
I have been reflecting recently that some of the greatest evidences of God’s grace in the life of the Christian are the things that person could be or inevitably would be without the active presence of the Holy Spirit and without a commitment to the pursuit of holiness.

12 Reasons You Should Pray Scripture – Andrew Naselli (Themelios)
So why should you pray Scripture? For at least twelve reasons….

Four Little Words – Julian Freeman
Customs start with single acts. Good customs start with single acts of conscious obedience. So … where will you be this Sunday?

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day worshiping the Lord with your local church!

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