The Stones Cry Out

cropped-rocks-017.jpgI love rocks. I collect rocks. I have a LOT of rocks. I still remember my father-in-law helping my wife and I move several years ago. He picked up a really heavy box and exclaimed something to the affect of: “What do you have in here, rocks?” And then he looked at the label on the box, and sure enough, that was exactly what was in the box.

Creation proclaims the glory of the Creator. The beauty of so many rocks points to the beauty of our God. The wide variety of colors, textures, and designs points to the creativity of our Creator. Rocks proclaim the glory of the Lord.

Of course some rocks are more beautiful than others. As I stroll across the pebble beaches along Lake Superior, some rocks stand out. And in a world full of people, Christians should stand out because of their faith and love and humility and joy. We should stand out as our lives proclaim the glory of God.

Luke 19 records how Jesus entered into Jerusalem to the praises of the crowds. The Pharisees of course were upset and told Jesus to rebuke his disciples. But Jesus declared, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.” Was he speaking literally? Should we think of rocks developing mouths and singing the praises of God? Or was he suggesting the sad irony that all of creation declares in its own ways the glory of God, but too often we as the pinnacle of his creation fail to do so? If stones declare the glory of God, how much more should we.

With those thoughts, I am going to start a new Monday series called “The Stones Cry Out” featuring rocks from my collection. My hope is that it will remind us to join the rocks in praising God. This new series will rotate with “Declaring the Glory” and “Songs of Passion.” My hope is that all three will remind us at the beginning of each work week to praise the Lord – for he is worthy of all our praises. His glory fills the whole earth. We even find it in the rocks he has made.


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