Prayer Guide for the National Day of Prayer

Below is the prayer guide my church is using for the National Day of Prayer this Thursday.  May all of God’s people commit to cry out to God for our country!

Prayer Guide for National Day of Prayer
Thursday, May 1, 2014

Please spend some focused time praying for our nation.
If you are able to, you might consider fasting as well.

Breakfast/Morning – American Leaders/Government
• President Obama and his Cabinet – wisdom, strength, protection
• Congress – wisdom, ability to work together, civility, protection
• Supreme Court/Courts – wisdom, follow truth, protection
• Domestic Policies – social/family, economic, education, health, etc.
• Foreign Policies – Russia/Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan, Israel, etc.
• Military – Protection/safety, leadership, training, wisdom
• State – Governor, Legislature, Judicial – wisdom

Lunch/Noon – American People/Culture
• Growing recognition of the hollowness of the idols of our age: money, material things, sex, homosexuality, technology, social media, fame, power, alcohol, drugs, entertainment, government
• Growing openness and response to the hope of the gospel
• Many people in our community to come to Christ
• Families – strong marriages, children, finances/work
• Economy – national/state growth, job growth, local businesses
• Education – federal/state policies, curriculum, teachers, safety, local schools, public schools, private schools, home-school freedom
• Entertainment/Media – Christian influence, positive impact

Supper/Evening – American Churches/Revival
• Personal revival leading to church revival leading to another great awakening in our country
• Growing commitment to worship, prayer, discipleship, fellowship
• Growing commitment to evangelism and missions
• Growing love for God, his people, and the lost
• Courageous fidelity to Biblical truth in a culture of compromise
• Wisdom for pastors and other church leaders
• Wisdom for leaders of Christian ministries, schools, missions
• Christians living with Biblical integrity in the workplace, school, neighborhood, and community



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  1. Jo Ann says:

    Thank you for helping us to focus in on the needs that we face in our nation!

  2. debbiesmith479 says:

    Thank you! I shared this with my church and on my blog too!

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