Prayer for the American People

Last Thursday was the National Day of Prayer.  It would I suppose be easy to move on to the next thing, but certainly we need to continue to pray for our nation.  Below is part of the prayer guide my church used for its prayer service last week.  Each point is taken from Isaiah (which we have been studying) where there are obvious similarities between Israel and our own country.

Sin, Corruption, and Turning from God – Isaiah 1:4, 3:8-9
Pray for repentance and lives transformed by Jesus

Idolatry – Isaiah 2:8, 18
Pray for a recognition and rejection of idols, and a turning to the one true God

Injustice – Isaiah 3:14-15, 5:8, 5:23, 10:1-2
Pray for justice for the weak, poor, unborn, victims of crime
Pray for the economy, businesses, jobs, and struggling families

Proud Self-Centeredness – Isaiah 3:16, 5:21, 9:9-10, 2:17
Pray for a growing humility and love for others
Pray for leaders/stars in sports, music, movies, etc.

Drunkenness – Isaiah 5:11-12, 5:22
Pray for those caught in addictions to find freedom in Jesus

Twisting Morality – Isaiah 5:20
Pray for those caught in the lies of our culture – to be set free by the truth

Fear and dis-ease– Isaiah 7:2
Pray for those caught in fear, worry, and stress – to find rest in the Lord

Division, Hatred, and Violence – Isaiah 9:18-20
Pray for civility in politics and commitment to common good
Pray for love for others regardless of race, etc.
Pray for our police and court systems
Pray for strong families, and the casualties of broken families


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  1. Jo Ann says:

    ………….thank you!

  2. Thank you for posting this list. I find it very difficult to remember to pray for these things, especially in regards to government. Also, I enjoy most all of your other posts as well 🙂

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