Prayer for the American Church

Today we continue our focus on praying for our nation.  Last week we prayed for the American people.  Today we want to focus on praying for the American Church.  Again, I have used parts of Isaiah 1-10 that apply to the church as a guide:

Revival – Isaiah 1:10-18
Pray for repentance; hearts and actions given completely to the Lord

Awe of God – Isaiah 6
Pray for reverence, praise, confession, amazement, and availability

Trust – Isaiah 8:11-14a
Pray that we would trust in the Lord in all things in midst of the fear around us

God’s Word – Isaiah 8:20
Pray for a commitment to God’s Word in the midst of the compromise around us

Hope – Isaiah 9:6-7
Pray that we would walk in the hope of our King in the midst of the despair around us


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