Missions Focused Small Church: Be Strategic

Two weeks ago, we began by considering the need to get focused – and to create a missions team to do just that. Today, we want to consider the need to be strategic. Three thoughts to consider:

  • Power of One (or Two) – A small church has limited finances and people, and people have limited time. Life is busy, and the more missionaries you have, the harder it will be for the people in your church to become familiar with any of the missionaries. So consider the power of one or two. Instead of trying to support lots of missionaries, choose only one or two missionaries. Maybe focus on one area of the world. Then keep those few missionaries in front of the people all of the time. Read their reports and pray for them each week in the worship service. Do special projects for them (more on that in a few weeks). Consider a missions trip. In other words, develop the relationship. You can’t develop close bonds with lots of missionaries, but you can with just a few. So consider the power of one or two.
  • Purpose – Consider your purpose. What is your purpose in missions? For our church the purpose is evangelism, church planting, discipleship, and leadership training. All of our missionaries are involved in many or all of these purposes. There are a lot of people going on the field as support staff – accountants, etc. That might be great for a larger church that has the funds for a broader missionary focus. Or maybe support is the heartbeat of your small church. If so, that’s great. Just stay focused on your purpose.
  • Prioritize Gospel Need – Ask the question: where is the gospel absent? Many countries now have numerous churches that can continue to reach their own country for Christ. Not that continued missionary assistance might not be beneficial, but what about countries with no gospel presence? That might include unreached tribes, distant villages, or countries that are not favorable to the gospel. One of the missionaries we support is in an area with little gospel presence, and that was by design. So consider where the gospel is absent, and prioritize gospel need.

I’d love to get your thoughts and ideas – just leave a comment.

Next week, we will consider suggestions on choosing missionaries.


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