Friday: Pray for Our Nation

Pray for our Nation:

  • Growing recognition of the hollowness of the idols of our age: money, material things, sex, homosexuality, technology, social media, fame, power, alcohol, drugs, entertainment, government
  • Growing openness and response to the hope of the gospel
  • Many in our country to come to Christ and grow in Him
  • Another Great Awakening that transforms lives and our country
  • President Obama and his Cabinet, Congress, and the Supreme Court – wisdom, follow truth, righteousness, and justice
  • Supreme Court decision on “same-sex” marriage
  • State – Governor Snyder, Legislature, Judicial – wisdom
  • Families – strong marriages, children, finances/work
  • Economy – national/state growth, job growth
  • Education – federal/state policies, curriculum, teachers, safety, public schools, private schools, home-school freedom
  • Entertainment/Media – Christian influence, positive impact

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