Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

What Is Reformation Day All About? – Robert Rothwell (Ligonier)
But what is the significance of Reformation Day, and how should we consider the events it commemorates?

Reformation Day: Jesus Came Knocking – Jon Bloom (DG)
In fact, given the prosperity that most of us in the West are experiencing and the arid spiritual climate most of us live in, it may be that the best way we can observe Reformation Day is to do some serious, prayerful soul-searching….  And we should ask ourselves, is Jesus knocking — or pounding — on our door? Are we hearing him? Are we ignoring or even resisting him? Are we tolerating and justifying any idols? 

How To Lose Your Zeal for Christ – Tim Challies
Are you zealous for Christ? Do you have a genuine zeal to live for him and to advance his cause in the world? Or have you lost the zeal that once marked you?

Two Ways To Sing To God – Joel Limpic (D&T)
Psalm 81:1 commands us to “sing for joy.” How does this command play itself out practically in our worlds, particularly when we feel joyless? I want to propose that to fully embrace this command, we must learn to sing in two ways: from affection and for affection.

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day singing for joy to the Lord!


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