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Here are some really good posts for your weekend reading:

You Were Made for the Godward Life – John Piper (DG)
A Godward life is lived leaning toward God. We turn our face toward him and not away from him. We enjoy the consciousness of his presence moment by moment. We remember him and do not forget him. At every turn of the day, we put our trust in him.

Why You Should Be Praying the Psalms – Don Whitney (CBS)
Praying the Bible means talking to God about what comes to mind as you read the Bible. Usually you might read the passage first, then go back and pray through what you just read.

When Routines Become Idols – Christina Fox (CBMW)
Some of us are so attached to and defined by our routines that we can’t stand when they are interrupted, changed, or tampered with in any way. That’s because of what our routines represent to us. Comfort. Ease. Control. Peace. When we trust in our routines and cling to them, we are relying on them to give us comfort.

When Your Heart Isn’t In It – Joe Thorn (FTC)
We are made by our triune God to worship him in spirit and truth. In him we find grace and mercy and fullness of life. He speaks in his word, hears our prayers, and delights in our songs of praise. And when we engage in these disciplines by faith we are sanctified. We experience more grace. And despite all of this we sometimes just don’t want to do it.

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day!


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