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Here are some good posts for the pastor:

Ten Commandments for Pastors – Joel Beeke
1. Give priority to your personal communion with God. Put your own soul first: your maintaining communion with God is a prerequisite for being an effective pastor to your people….

The Pastor’s Personal Holiness – Jason Helopoulos
As I reflect over the past decade of watching fellow brothers in the pastorate fail morally, the threats seem to come in four primary categories. Dear pastor, be on-guard against each….

What is the Most Common Ministry Priority Neglected by Pastors? – Brian Croft
Pastors, I know your schedule is busy. I am aware of the great demands on your time that pull on your conscience. But, don’t forget to pray for your people this week. Pray with your people. Set time aside in a quiet place and cry out to God for your people. Make the other pastoral matters wait. It is safe to say they are less important than prayer.

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