Here are some helpful posts to help the church think through the Syrian refugees issue.  If you only have time to read a few, read the last two – and dream about the possibilities.

What You Should Know About The Syrian Refugee Controversy – Joe Carter (TGC)

Should we really close the border to refugees? Here’s why fear drives out compassion. – Trevin Wax (WP)

Immigration Policy Must be Based on More than an Appeal to Compassion – Kevin DeYoung

Refugee resettlement process leaves Syrian Christians in the cold – Cody Derespina (FN)

Why evangelicals are torn about admitting refugees to the US – Trevin Wax (RNS)

Syrian refugee screening process reveals progress and pitfalls – Cody Derespina (FN)

We Opened Our Church to Muslim Refugees and Something Unexpected Happened! – Caleb Suko

Building His Church in a Refugee Crisis– David Crabb (DG)



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