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The cultural event of the year has seemingly arrived, and it wouldn’t hurt to try to think about it through some Christian lenses.  So here are some helpful posts to do just that.

Star Wars and the Ancient Religion – Peter Jones (Ligonier)
The appearance of a new episode of the Star Wars film series is an important moment for Christian witness. To be sure, we can shrug our shoulders, since Star Wars is old news. Or we can enthusiastically introduce our grandchildren to what we might think is a beloved, harmless yarn. Or we can—and should—discover in the series an occasion to sharpen our presentation of the gospel message and help our children and grandchildren, and anyone else who might be interested, to understand the culture in which they live.

The Irresistible Force of ‘Star Wars’: 3 Popular Approaches – Michael Svigel (TGC)
The Star Wars saga trades in universal themes of fall and depravity, struggle and conflict, sacrifice and redemption, heroism and hope. In this way, it sings truth to our souls. George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, drank deeply from the wells of human experience and incorporated themes that have repeatedly appeared in epic poems, plays, legends, myths, and religious beliefs of various cultures through millennia.

Be A Yoda, Not a Grinch – Marshall Segal (DG)
Inspired by the proximity to Christmas, I’m putting a light saber into the hands of the greedy Grinch and pitting him against the Star Wars hero of blockbuster past. In the end, the two may only have a green complexion in common, but comparing them really can be an exercise in treasuring the coming of Christ, and in living and serving more like him.


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