Reflections on Genesis 9-11

Following the flood, God makes a covenant and gives instructions – instructions which the people of Babel refused to obey in their quest for glory. Observe:

  • God’s covenant – God makes a covenant with Noah and his descendants (including us!). He mercifully promises to never flood the entire earth again. He places a rainbow in the sky as a sign of this covenant. Next time you see a rainbow, remember God’s mercy to you.
  • God’s instructions broken – God commanded people to fill the earth (9:1), but the people of Babel disobeyed. They began building a city, lest they “be dispersed over the face of the whole earth” (11:4). Search your life. Are there any ways in which you are in active rebellion against God’s commands? This is a dangerous place to be! Take time now to repent and confess your sin to God.
  • A quest for glory – The people of Babel wanted to make a name for themselves (11:4). They chose to live for themselves rather than God. Nothing much has changed. People today still want to make a name for themselves rather than honor God. Whose name are you seeking to lift up? Who are you living for?

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