Passion Points

Here are some good posts for your weekend reading:

Your Antidote for Awe Amnesia – Paul Tripp (TGC)
Just as a telescope points you to the stars and magnifies them for you to see their illuminating glory, so the earth focuses our eyes on God and magnifies his glory, so it can produce wonder in us. Every beautiful and amazing sight, sound, color, texture, taste, and touch of the created world has gloryscopic intention built into it. Every powerful and mighty thing, animate and inanimate, is gloryscopic by design. No created beauty is an end in itself. No physical wonder exists in isolation. Nothing that is, just is. Everything exists for a grand, vertical purpose.

The Character of the Christian: Above Reproach – Tim Challies
Your life is so consistent that your reputation is credible, you are an example worth following, and you do not make the gospel look fake by teaching one thing while doing another.

A Simple Way To Spend 45 Minutes A day With The Lord – Mark Altrogge|
Devise your own plan and try to make it a habit. Again, start small if 45 minutes seems too long…. The key is to try to be consistent. Nothing satisfies or yields more joy than spending time with Jesus.

4 Ways to Cling to the Lord – Sam Storms (Crossway)
The temptation to forget God is always present. But there is a way to maintain one’s devotion to the Lord. Joshua’s counsel in Joshua 23:6-11 is especially helpful and can be summarized using four As.

Hope you have a great Lord’s Day!


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