Reflections on Genesis 21-23

Isaac is born and Abraham is tested. Observe:

  • God’s faithfulness – God had promised a child to Abraham and Sarah, and God kept his promise! God had also promised Abraham many descendants, and Isaac is the beginning of the fulfillment of that promise. God had also promised Abraham the land, and Abraham’s purchase of a piece of land to bury Sarah is the beginning of the fulfillment that promise. God is faithful! How has God been faithful to you?
  • God’s test – God tests Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son! What must have gone through Abraham’s mind? How could he kill the child through whom all God’s promises would be fulfilled? Hebrews 11:17-19 tells us Abraham concluded that God would raise the boy back to life so the promises could be fulfilled. That is faith! What is God asking you to do? Will you trust him and obey?
  • Abraham’s choice – How could Abraham kill his son whom he dearly loved? God’s test is not only a test of faith, but a test of love. Will Abraham love his son more than God? Who is first in Abraham’s life? Abraham passed the test. How about you? Who is first in your life? What if God asked you…?
  • God’s Son – What God asked Abraham to do, God himself would do 2000 years later. God stopped Abraham, but God would go all the way for you and your salvation. Ponder God’s sacrifice, and how you should respond.

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