Genesis 24-27: God’s Promises Passed Down

(26) What promises does God make to Isaac in 26:1-5?

(24) In order to fulfill these promises, Isaac needs a good wife. How does God lead Abraham’s servant to Rebekah?

What part does prayer play in this account? In what areas of your life do you need to pray for direction?

What guidelines does Abraham give his servant about finding a wife for Isaac? Why are these guidelines important? What characteristics does the servant look for in Isaac’s future wife? How might young people today learn from these guidelines and characteristics as they look for a spouse?

(25) In order to fulfill God’s promises to Isaac, Isaac needs a son. What problem presents itself, and how does Isaac respond? How do you respond to your problems?

(26) A recurring family sin threatens the fulfillment of God’s promises. What is the sin? How does God protect the family?

In what ways does God provide for the family? How is he providing for you?

(25, 27) In 25:23, God chooses the younger son Jacob to be the heir and receive the Abrahamic promises. How does the birthright and blessing come to Jacob?

What does this tell you about God’s plan and your sin? How does this encourage you?

At the same time, what negative consequences come out of their sins? What warning is found here for us?

Closing Thought: God works through normal (and even dysfunctional!) families to accomplish his purposes.


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