Reflections on Genesis 24-25

Today, we are reminded of God’s providence:

  • God’s leading – God led Abraham’s servant to the woman God intended for Isaac. This is probably not an example of how we should pray or find a wife, but God used it to providentially lead Abraham’s servant. How has God led you?
  • God’s power – Rebekah is barren. Sarah too was barren. In both cases, it is God who providentially and powerfully causes these women to conceive. God may not always answer our prayers like we want, but God is powerfully in control. How have you seen his power at work in your life?
  • God’s plan – Before Esau or Jacob are born, God has a plan for them – that they will become two nations, that one will be stronger, and that one will serve the other. God has a plan for your life too. Things may or may not be turning out as you thought they would or dreamed they would, but God has a plan for you. Will you trust him?

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