Reflections on Genesis 26-27

With the death of Abraham back in chapter 25, the narrative now shifts to Isaac and his family.

  • Covenant confirmed – God confirms the covenant that he made with Abraham with his son Isaac. Again, God will give him the land, many descendants, and God will bless all the nations on earth through his offspring. Though God has certainly blessed the nations through the people of Israel, this final promise is ultimately fulfilled in Isaac’s distant descendant named Jesus. How have you been blessed through Isaac’s offspring?
  • God’s presence – Twice God promises that he will be with Isaac (26:3, 24). This is not a promise directed to us. However, we do find it to be a general promise in the Scriptures to God’s people, and this is one example of that general promise. God’s presence was to be an encouragement to Isaac. How is God’s presence an encouragement to you?
  • Lies, lies, lies – Like his father before, Isaac lies about his wife. Later his wife leads Jacob to lie to his father. The consequences could have been terrible, but God mercifully protected this family in spite of themselves. Our culture seems much like this family. All around we hear of scandals related to lies and deception. Are you a person of truth and honesty? When are you tempted to be less than honest?

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