Genesis 28-33: Jacob’s Journey

(28) Describe God’s appearance to Jacob (28:10-13). What promises does God make to Jacob (v13-15)?

How does Jacob respond (v16-19)? What bargain does Jacob make with God (28:20-22)?

(29) The family sin of deception comes to bite Jacob. Describe what happens. What irony is found in Laban’s excuse (29:26)?

How does God use even Laban’s sin to accomplish his plan?

What negative consequences result from this deception?

What family sin do you need to overcome?

(29-33) God promised to be with Jacob to keep him. How does God keep his promise throughout Jacob’s journey?

Chapters 29-31 –

Chapters 32-33 –

How has God been with you to keep you on your life’s journey?

(31-33) God tells Jacob to return to the land. How does Jacob respond? In what ways does he acknowledge God’s blessing?

(32-33) Esau comes to meet Jacob with 400 men. In what ways do you see Jacob still scheming to deal with the situation on his own? How do you see him looking to God for help?

What do you do when trials come your way?

(33) How does Jacob conclude his journey (33:20), and why is this significant? When did you come to this point in your life?


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