Reflections on Genesis 28-30

God is at work in Jacob’s life. God’s purpose will stand:

  • Abrahamic Covenant – The covenant God made with Abraham continues to go forward. Having passed through Isaac, it now continues to Jacob. Land, descendants, and all nations blessed through him is the continued promise. God’s purpose will stand.
  • Jacob’s lack of commitment – Interestingly, it appears that Jacob is not yet a follower of God. Jacob says that if God will bring him back, then he will serve God. God has promised to bring him back, and God will be working in Jacob’s life to bring him back a changed man. God’s purpose will stand. How have you seen God at work in your life – even before you came to follow him?
  • More lies and deceit – Laban, like his sister Rebekah, is a deceiver. Jacob, also a deceiver, works seven years for Rachel, and receives Leah instead. Jacob the deceiver is deceived by another! But in the midst of this dishonest mess, God’s plan continues. He takes the bad and uses it for good. God’s purpose will stand. How have you seen God take your bad to bring about good?

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