Genesis 34-39: God With Us

(35) Jacob proclaims to his family that God has been with him wherever he has gone (v3). What evidence do you see of that from past chapters?

In this chapter? In your own life?

(34, 37, 38) Despite God being with them to help them, Jacob’s family continues to try to make their own way by resorting back to their old family sin of deception. What examples do you see?

(34, 35, 38, 39) In these six chapters, we see three examples of sexual immorality (Shechem, Reuben, and Judah). Compare Jacob’s approach to temptation in chapter 38 with Joseph’s approach to temptation in chapter 39. What do you learn?

What principles can you learn from Joseph on how to overcome temptations toward sexual immorality, or indeed any sin?

How might we specifically apply these principles to our relationships? Our use of the internet and other media? What our culture tells us?

Reread 39:9b. What specific reason does Joseph give for not giving in to temptation? Review chapters 34 & 38. How many references do you find to God? What conclusions can you make based on this comparison?

(39) Four times in this chapter we read that God was with Joseph. What blessings flowed out of God’s presence with him? (v2-4, 21-23)? How did this blessing relate to God’s promises back in 12:2-3?

At what points was it perhaps less evident that God was with Joseph? When have you questioned if God was with you?

And yet the passage is clear that God was with Joseph even in the bad times (v21). In what situations in your life do you need to cling to the assurance that God is with you?


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