Genesis 40-44: Tale of 3 Men

(40-41) Joseph’s exaltation: Chapter 39 ended with the idea that God was with Joseph. How do you see that in chapters 40-41?

What part did Joseph’s trials (slavery, prison) play in his eventual exaltation? Can you think of a time when this happened in your life?

Go back to chapter 37. In what ways might Joseph have been tempted with pride?

What part might Joseph’s trials have played in addressing this temptation?

Who does Joseph credit with his ability to interpret dreams? What does that tell you about Joseph?

Describe how Joseph’s life demonstrates the principle found in I Peter 5:6. How do you need to apply this principle in your own life?

(42-44) Jacob’s Reaction: Describe Jacob’s reaction to the idea of sending Benjamin to Egypt (42:36 & 38, 43:6 & 14). What does that tell you about Jacob?

When are you tempted to act like Jacob?

(42-44) Judah’s Transformation: Describe Judah’s part in the brothers selling Joseph into slavery (37:25-28). What do you learn about Judah?

Now compare his past behavior with his actions in 43:8-9 and 44:14-34. What transformation do you see?

In what small ways in your daily life do you need to follow Judah’s transformed example in chapter 44?


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