Reflections on Genesis 40-41

In our passage today, Joseph is able to interpret several dreams. Note:

  • I can’t but God can – Joseph tells the baker and cup-bearer that interpretations belong to God. Joseph can’t interpret the dreams on his own, but he can with God’s help. Later, Pharaoh summons Joseph to interpret his dreams and Joseph tells him, “It is not in me.” Joseph can’t do it, but God can. In both cases it is God that helps Joseph interpret the dreams. Joseph not only recognizes this, he credits God with his ability. What abilities do you have? Have you recognized that these abilities come from God? Do you give God the credit?
  • God’s sovereignty – Joseph makes clear in his interpretation that God is the one who will bring seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine. God is in control. The future is not mere chance or fate, but is determined by the merciful God who prepared Egypt for the famine with an advanced warning. No matter what you are facing, God is in control, and he will help you. Will you trust him?

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