Reflections on Genesis 45-47

Joseph reveals himself to his brothers and reveals his trust in God’s providence.

  • God’s providence – Joseph recognizes that while his brothers sold him, God had sent him to Egypt for a purpose. From slavery to Potiphar to Potiphar’s wife to prison to the cup-bearer to Pharaoh to ruling just below Pharaoh. Any piece of the chain, good or bad, would have led to a different end, but God providentially worked out each situation to bring Joseph to where he was. How have you seen God’s providence in your life?
  • Trusting God – Undoubtedly Joseph struggled at times with the direction his life was going. His brothers note the distress of his soul when they sold him as a slave (42:21). Being cast into prison was not a fun thing. And yet, we see in Joseph a man who walked with God and generally trusted God with his life. “It was not you who sent me here, but God” (45:8). He trusted in God’s providence. Will you trust God with your life? In the darkness of difficult situations, will you trust that God has a good plan for you?

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