Reflections on Genesis 48-50

Again we see Joseph’s trust in God’s providence and the practical results that it brings:

  • Trusting God’s providence – While his brothers meant their actions for evil, God used the circumstances to bring about good. In your difficult circumstances, will you trust in God’s good plan for your life?
  • Forgiveness – Because Joseph trusts in God’s providential control over his circumstances, he is free to forgive his brothers. God’s good triumphs over their evil, and Joseph forgives. How might trusting in God’s providence help you to forgive? Who do you need to forgive?
  • No retaliation – Retaliation is our sinful default reaction to those who hurt us. But Joseph makes clear that such reactions put ourselves in place of God and show a lack of trust in God. When are you tempted to retaliate? How will you respond instead?
  • Judah’s line – Finally we see God’s providence in Jacob’s blessing to Judah. God causes Jacob to prophesy that kings will come from Judah. And indeed David is a descendant of Judah, as is David’s descendant – Jesus the King of Kings. God is in control!

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