Exodus 1-7: God Promises Deliverance

(2-3, 6) God promises deliverance. What motivates God to bring about this deliverance (2:23-25, 3:7-9, 6:2-9)?

What does this tell you about God? Why is this important for you in your life?

(1-2) Though the people weren’t aware of it, God is already at work in chapters 1-2. What preparations for deliverance do you see?

What does this suggest about God and your own trials?

(3) Who is this God who promises to deliver (3:13-17)? What is significant about these names for them? For you?

(3-4) God is going to use Moses as his instrument of deliverance. In what ways does God enable and equip Moses to do the job?

In what similar ways does God enable and equip us to do what he calls us to do?

(6-7) In order to deliver his people, God must be more powerful than the Egyptian gods. How does he show his greater power in chapter 7 as the plagues begin?

What further purpose does God have in mind in these demonstrations of power (6:7, 7:5, 7:17)?

(4-6) When Israel heard that God would deliver them, they believed. But when things got worse, they lost heart. What encouragement does this passage give us to trust God in our own times of waiting for deliverance?


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