Reflections on Exodus 5-7

Moses goes to Pharaoh, but Pharaoh will not let the people go. The scene is set for the great contest between God and Moses on one side and Pharaoh and his Egyptian gods on the other. Note:

  • Trust in the waiting – Pharaoh responds to Moses by increasing the work the Israelites have to do to levels impossible to meet. The Israelites who believed at the end of chapter 4 have given up faith now in chapter 5. Moses too is disillusioned. What situations in your life only seem to be getting worse? Will you trust God in the waiting?
  • Battle of the gods – The contest is engaged not only to free the people of Israel, but that Israel and Egypt will know that the LORD is the one true God (6:7; 7:5, 17). Aaron casts down his staff and it becomes a snake. The Egyptian magicians do it too – but God’s snake swallows the Egyptian gods’ snakes. God causes the Nile to turn to blood. On a smaller scale, the Egyptian magicians also turn water to blood. Note they don’t turn the blood back into water – which would have been more helpful! The battle is engaged. What is God doing in your life to reveal himself to those around you? How has God shown his power in your life?

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