Reflections on Exodus 11-13

God prepares the people for a final plague. All the firstborn sons in Egypt will die, but God provides a way of escape for Israel.

  • Passover – Israel must sacrifice a lamb, and place the blood on the doorposts so that God’s judgment might pass them by. Christ was sacrificed as our Passover Lamb so that God’s judgment might pass us by (I Corinthians 5:7). Stop and thank God for your Passover Lamb.
  • Redeemed from slavery – God redeemed the people of Israel from slavery, bringing them out of Egypt with great power. This is a wonderful picture of what God has done for us through Jesus. God has redeemed us from our slavery to sin through the power of Christ’s death and resurrection. Stop and praise God for your deliverance – and go live like a person freed from sin!
  • Remember – The people of Israel were called to remember what God had done for them through a week-long festival which included the Passover. God wants us to remember our salvation too. It is no mistake that Jesus initiated the Lord’s Supper while celebrating Passover. The Lord’s Supper is a regular reminder to us of what Christ has done for us. Remember…and celebrate!

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