Exodus 14-20: Responding to God’s Deliverance

(14) God definitively defeated the Egyptians and delivered his people at the Red Sea.  What three things did the people do according to verse 31 (notice the three verbs), and how do these actions relate to each other (see also v10-13)?

(15-17) When faced with a lack of food to eat and water to drink, the people grumbled.  What does that tell you about their faith?

When are we tempted to grumble?  What does that tell us about our faith?

(17) What two things does Moses do when the Amalekites attack?  What does this tell you about the relationship between faith and action?

(19-20) God comes down to the people on Mt Sinai to give them the Ten Commandments.  What motivations are given for their obedience? (see especially 20:2 and 20:18-21).

How might these motivations help you to overcome sin and obey God?

(15) In response to God’s deliverance, the people are to trust God and obey God.  They also break forth in praise.  What do you learn about praising God from the song of Moses?

How might you use Moses’ song in your own life?  What verse or phrase is especially significant to you in your current circumstances?


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